Gina Tucker

I approached my first Reiki treatment as an open minded sceptic.  Not entirely convinced that it would work, but also not prepared to dismiss it until I was in a position to judge from my own experience.

I came away from that first treatment, not only convinced of Reiki’s effectiveness, but wanting more.

The practice of Reiki is simple but effective and anyone can learn.  No super powers required.

It is an invaluable tool that can help you manage:

  • Health, wellbeing & energy;
  • Rest, relaxation & sleep;
  • Focus & concentration;
  • Resilience to stress, and more.

Not just for yourself, but for your friends and family as well.

I lived the busy corporate lifestyle for many years.  So I speak from experience when I say that Reiki has helped me establish a greater sense of balance and wellbeing in my life.

These days I’m much more energised, inspired and motivated.  I now enjoy sharing what I’ve learned to empower others to proactively manage and maintain their own health and wellbeing.

With a professional background in business and finance, I also bring a healthy dose of grounded practicality to the table.  You won’t find a shred of purple velvet or a stick of incense in sight.

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