I felt like I was in a peaceful sanctuary from the moment I was on the table.

Throughout I felt a beautiful warming sensation, and messages from my body that highlighed the amount of anxiety I had been experiencing over recent months. Those messages were gentle but effective, reminding me that I must remember to take care of myself.

The Reiki treatment allowed me to reconnect. It felt like a mini holiday and I noticed later that the stiffness I had been experiencing in my neck had eased. I felt energised, yet calm and had a sense of optimism.

Gina is a wonderful practitioner, who made me feel comfortable and special - I didn't know what to expect from the treatment, and I have been more than pleasantly surprised - thank you so much - I will certainly be incorporating Reiki into my life.

Business & Operations Manager, Mentone

Thank you so much Gina for such an awesome Reiki experience this afternoon. I had no idea how wonderful this session would make me feel, it's like dreaming while being awake. Can't wait to recommend this to my friends.

Accountant, Bayswater

Gina’s treatment was the most indulgent, relaxing and nurturing Reiki that I've had.

In the fortnight leading up to the treatment I was suffering from extreme burn out and heavier stress levels than usual. I found Gina’s treatment uplifted my energy levels for the hectic Christmas trade. It left me feeling relaxed and calm whilst in a chaotic environment.

Retail Assistant, Caulfield South

I have received many healing Reiki treatments from Gina. Her style is good-humoured, caring and respectful. Reiki with Gina has helped me feel more peaceful and also to realise and release many blockers to my personal health and growth. Gina has great integrity and is an insightful and powerful Reiki healer.

Coach and Mentor, Brighton East

Gina’s intuitive and empathetic healing abilities are a gift. She has a talent for getting straight to the point and is able to allow the energies to flow and recharge the body and spirit in a gentle, no–nonsense way.

Reiki Healer of 15 years, Richmond